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7 Expert DIY Framing Strategies to Accentuate Your Printable Wall Art

Embrace the craftsmanship of DIY framing to perfectly complement your printable wall art. This guide will walk you through seven key tips to transform your digital art purchases into stunning, gallery-worthy pieces within your home.

1. Frame Selection: Matching Art with Style

Choosing the ideal frame is an art in itself. Whether your print calls for a contemporary, vintage, or minimalist frame, consider how the color and texture will blend with your art and your room's decor.

  • Insightful Tip:
    • Align the frame style with the era or theme of your artwork for a cohesive look.


2. Precise Measurements: The Blueprint for Framing

Accuracy is everything in framing. Carefully measure your printable art, ensuring the frame's dimensions are a perfect match for a well-balanced display.

  • Insightful Tip:
    • Use a ruler or a measuring tape for precision, and always account for any matting when selecting your frame.

Contemporary living room featuring a sleek black sofa accented with minimalist printable wall art in warm yellow and cool teal tones, complemented by a chic marble clock and a modern side table staging greenery

3. Quality Materials: Preservation and Presentation

Protect your art and enhance its beauty with the right materials. Acid-free mats and UV-protective glass are investments in longevity and aesthetics.

  • Insightful Tip:
    • High-quality materials not only preserve your art but can also significantly elevate its appearance.

4. Mounting Mastery: Elevating Your Art

Different mounting techniques can drastically alter the presentation of your artwork. Consider a floating mount for a modern touch or traditional matting for classic elegance.

  • Insightful Tip:
    • Choose a mount that will make your artwork pop, considering the color and weight of your paper.

5. Personalized DIY Touches: Make It Yours

Add a personal stamp to your DIY frame with custom decorations. Hand-painted details or unique textures can turn a standard frame into a piece that's uniquely yours.

  • Insightful Tip:
    • Personalized frames allow your individual style to shine through, making the artwork truly part of your home.


A chic and serene bedroom is adorned with two framed pieces of printable art, one with abstract shapes and the other with botanical motifs, set above a plush bed, creating a stylish and restful environment


6. Beyond the Norm: Unconventional Framing

Think outside the box by using unconventional items as frames. From clipboards to repurposed windows, these creative alternatives can inject personality into your space.

  • Insightful Tip:
    • Unusual framing choices are conversation starters and can reflect your innovative spirit.

7. Gallery Wall Techniques: The Art of Grouping

A gallery wall is an exhibition of your taste and an exploration in creativity. Mix various frames and layouts for an impactful, personalized art installation.

  • Insightful Tip:
    • Layout your gallery wall on the floor first, playing with composition until it feels just right.


DIY framing is a delightful and rewarding way to put the finishing touches on your printable wall art. With these seven tips, you'll be well-equipped to create a space that's both inspiring and uniquely you. Get ready to frame with confidence and let your walls tell your story.

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