Printable Art

Do you want a quick room makeover or need a quick thoughtful gift in a pinch?

It’s all about getting hand-painted art, really fast. No waiting around for mail, and definitely no environmental impact of shipping and packaging.

Just pick what catches your eye, hit purchase, and voilà — you're ready to download your new art pieces (zip file). Each download comes in a bunch of sizes that perfectly fit for your space or frame.

You're gonna make up your decor with the seasons or whenever you’re feeling a refresh. Plus, every piece you pick supports us — an artist couple, creating what we love in our tiny studio.

Right after buying, you’ll also get an email with a link to your art, just to make sure you’re all set. Thanks for bringing a piece of our world into yours.

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Notion Template

Got your eye on one of our Notion templates? Awesome!

Once you buy your favorite template, you will get a PDF which has a link to the Notion template. Click the link and duplicate the template and start using it in your Notion workspace. We made sure everything’s super simple, so you can jump right into making cool stuff.

Need any customization?

If you're looking to tailor the templates even closer to your workflow, I'm on standby to customize it to your specific needs. Your ideal workflow is just a conversation away.

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