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Notion for Motion Designers - All-In-One Business Organizer

Notion for Motion Designers - All-In-One Business Organizer

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Introducing the ultimate Notion template designed specifically for motion graphics designers.

This template is the result of more than 5 years of experience in the motion design business and countless days of thoughtful design aimed at streamlining your creative process.

Achieve a consistent and efficient workflow with fully integrated pages designed to cover every aspect of your freelance motion design business.

✓ Save Time

✓ Reduce Effort

✓ Enhance Your Creative Process

What is included?

✅ Project management

✅ Project feedback page

✅ Task management

✅ Finance management

✅ Invoice database with tracking option

✅ CRM database

✅ Subscription management

✅ Expression library

✅ Tutorial library

✅ Notes

Need any customization?

If you're looking to tailor this template even closer to your workflow, I'm on standby to customize it to your specific needs. Your ideal workflow is just a conversation away.

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